Turnaround even the most complex of tax returns at a breakneck speed of 48 hours.

Self-assessment Tax Return Outsourcing for Accountants

QXAS helps you manage your busy season. By outsourcing tax returns as they come in, you alleviate the ‘staff crunch’ and realise significant cost savings of up to 50% for each tax return. You don’t have to change your tax filing process –we use the same software as you.

We filed 2,100+ tax returns in the 2016/17 financial year
100% accuracy guaranteed and timely filling
24/7 real-time access of tax jobs via QXAS Tracker
Extended support capacity and hours during busy season

Volume pricing – Limited time offer!

We offer two pricing models.

Fixed fee
Fixed fee rates start at £75 per tax return.
Further volume based discounts available.
Unlimited email and phone support.
Variable fee
Fees based on number of income streams
Volume based discounts available
Unlimited email and phone support.


QXAS helps us to grow our practice year-on-year by enabling us to handle a higher volume of personal tax return work, without hiring more staff during the busy tax season. It’s a perfect way to quickly scale our practice and deliver a great service to our clients.
Steve Blissett, Rodliffe Accounting


Our ISO 27001 security processes and
BS 10012 GDPR compliance for data processing, keeping your client information secure at all times.
Access a scalable team of skilled resources who are trained in the latest UK tax standards, including supervisors who have 10+ years of tax compliance experience.
Alleviate the Tax Season capacity crunch by outsourcing tax returns as they come in, and process a great quantity of high-quality tax returns efficiently.

Benefit from receiving prepared tax returns within 24-48 hours, helping you provide a world-class service to clients.
Realise significant cost savings and boost profit margins on each tax return with competitively priced tax outsourcing services.

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Self-assessment checklist

A free checklist to gather your client’s self-assessment tax return data