Back-office support for Umbrella Companies

Why QXAS is the best back-office support services for UK Umbrella Companies

With over 13 years of experience, QXAS is a leading provider of end-to-end, back-office support services for Contractor umbrella companies. We have completed thousands of assignments for UK umbrella businesses, including multi-currency payroll for the EU, UK, Ireland and Netherlands, and you can be rest assured that our services are secure, reliable and quality oriented. Our back-office solution can help your business by:
Increasing your business profitability by up to 50%
Speeding up your timesheet capture, payroll and invoicing process
Dealing with Contractor queries and improving Contractor experience
Providing you with a scalable team to support your business growth
Reducing your infrastructure and maintenance overheads
Giving you access to a dedicated account manager
Freeing up your time to focus on service and sales
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Contractor Umbrella Services

  • Manage payroll inbox
  • Agency correspondence
  • Manage Remittances
  • Process Bulk payment schedules
  • Create Assignments
  • Create Timesheets
  • Raise invoices and email to agencies
  • Manage Margin reports
  • Query unidentified payments
  • Query missing remittances or breakdown
  • Download bank feeds
  • Allocate payments to invoices
  • Posting invoices
  • Process paid invoices
  • Tally the payments file with the bank file
  • Generate BACS file
  • Generating & Emailing Payslips
  • RTI - EPS & FPS submission
  • Process Holiday pay
  • Pension
  • Process SSP/SMP Payments
  • Assign Court Orders
  • Processing court order payments
  • Manage Pension refunds
  • Update P45/Starter Checklist
  • Pension Auto-Enrolment
  • Pension Opt-out notifications
  • Pension contribution and Submission
  • Process P6 notifications
Onboarding & Registration
  • Contractor Email correspondence
  • Contractor Phone support
  • Introduction to Umbrella Company & services
  • Illustration to contractors
  • On boarding and Registration
  • Chasing documents for setup
  • Reviewing RTW and other documents
  • Getting employment contract signed
  • Email a welcome pack and assign to support team
  • Update agency regarding contractor set up and email company documents
Contractor Care
  • Welcome Call
  • First payslip and Tax code queries
  • Contractor Email correspondence
  • Contractor Phone support
  • Attend to P45 requests
  • Attend P60 requests
  • Holiday pay requests
  • Income statement requests
  • Employment Reference Request
  • SSP/SMP requests
  • Update contractor details (NI number/address) post sign up
  • Synchronise information across all portals – NEST, Payroll, CRM (if Needed)
  • Create New agencies on the MDA
  • Manage agency contracts
  • Update regarding P6 notifications
  • Update regarding Court order Deductions
  • Liaise with agency for payments updates
  • Portal Support

Software capabilities

QXAS will transform how you deal with your contractor queries. Our services are designed with UK Contractor Umbrella businesses in mind.

Engagement options

We are committed to helping our umbrella clients boost efficiency and reduce costs by delivering quality, accurate and timely payroll, timesheet, and invoicing services. Our engagement models have been designed to cater best to the most common client requirements. Irrespective of how you choose to engage with us, we offer a high level of staffing flexibility and scalability, allowing you to ramp up or scale down teams without driving up hiring costs.

FTE model
When you choose this model, you get a dedicated team or an individual who works exclusively on your project. We provide:
  • Regular reports on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis,
  • A specialist accounts manager as your dedicated point of contact.
  • Clearly defined SLAs and KPIs, along with fixed fees
Predictable pricing
Economies of scale
Transaction based model
The costs of this model is linked directly with the number of transactions processed, with a price-per-transaction that is based on a specified band of volume.
  • Regular reorts on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis,
  • A specialist accounts manager as your dedicated point of contact.
  • Clearly defined SLAs and KPIs, along with fixed fees
Reduced costs

We understand that choosing the right engagement model largely depends on your scope of work, so please email us for a customised quote.

6CATS delivers award-winning services to its Contractors clients with support from QXAS.

“They are a great team. We have put in lots of time and effort in training and communicating, and I thought that the team just goes from strength to strength. They are very good at working with us, understanding our process, and it just works really well for us.”
Michelle Reilly, CEO of 6CATS
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Why choose QXAS

Here’s a brief summary of the main features of QX Accounting Services Limited:

An in-house training academy to ensure staff are regularly trained and updated on changing IR35 and umbrella legislation.
Backed by the QX group which employs 1200+ people across the UK, USA and India
Certified GDPR compliance via BSI 10012:2017 framework
Security (ISO 27001) and Quality (ISO 9001) assured
Reliable –members of the ICAEW, ACCA, Xero & QuickBooks
Dedicated service - each client is assigned an Accounts Manager

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