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Business Tax Support Services : Capital Allowance Outsourcing

No business deserves to miss out on the benefits of claiming for capital allowances. We are now helping accountants take on more capital allowance claims so that accounting firms are able to help more businesses identify their full entitlement.
From the basic groundwork of preparing information requests to analysing fixed assets and filing claim reports, QXAS has deployed a special Business Tax Support team, consisting of experts who will be dedicated to helping out your accounting firm with capital allowance workload.
Our Business Tax Support team is taking out the tedium and complexities of Capital Allowances processing, leaving you ample time for tax advisory and premium advisory services on how to improve cashflow. And all this, without putting a strain on putting a strain on your firm’s time, costs and manpower.
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Scope of Work
Analysing complex Fixed Assets acquisition and disposals
Bifurcation of Capital and Revenue expenditure
Prepare Information request to gather further details on Fixed Assets
Segregation Fixed Assets between qualified and non-qualified for Capital Allowance
Classification of Capital Allowance Pool based on type of Qualified Fixed Assets
You’ll need to provide
Fixed Assets Register
Fixed Assets Refurbishment & Replacement contract/invoices
Disposal of Fixed Assets
Existing pool of assets
Agreement with HMRC (if any) for claiming Capital Allowance
Capital Allowance Claim Report
Transmittal Letter
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