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Carl Reader: Bossing it in 2021

  05 January 2021

Accountants have had a tumultuous 2020 – helping clients recover, bringing back furloughed team members & managing their firms from home. In this podcast, Carl Reader shows the way for Accountants to be back into the driver’s seat using the learnings from 2020 as venture into the new year with high hopes of returning to normal.


Shane Lukas: On Building a Sustainable £1 million+ Practice, working a 3-day week

  18 November 2020

Many accountancy firm owners have set their sights on becoming a one million pound practice. In this podcast, Shane Lukas, Managing Director of AVN Inspiring Accountants, and QX Client Relationship Manager, Dimitris Kasamis explore what it takes to get there.


Lucy Cohen: How Accountants Can Thrive in the Post Lockdown Economy

  01 July 2020

As our world opens up again, accountants are slowly gearing up to venture into ‘the new normal’ reeling under the post-lockdown economy. In this episode, our guest, Lucy Cohen, Co-Founder of Mazuma Accountants, identifies some emerging trends for. . .


Karen Reyburn and Rachel Thomas: Podcast on Mental Health in Accountants

  10 April 2020

We’re in the middle of one of the greatest tests for accountants in modern memory. In this episode, our guests, Rachel Thomas of Room to Think, and Karen Reyburn of the Profitable Firm bring their years of expertise on how to stay sane, balanced, and calm . . .


About the Host

Dimitris Kasimis
Client Relationship Manager
Dimitris is a qualified ACCA with consulting background in the global accounting and finance industry. In his previous roles he worked in Grant Thornton and EY as a Senior Consultant, specialising in international compliance, business development and the management of large scale accounting and outsourcing projects, including liaising with teams in India, which created a strong foundation for him taking on his role at QX.

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