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QXAS is hiring in Ahmedabad and Baroda

QXAS is hiring in Ahmedabad and Baroda

As a global business with offices in the UK and USA and delivery centers in Ahmedabad and Baroda, one of the most important assets is our people. We’ve got over 750 staff now spread across both geographies and they are at the core of what makes QX.

In our QXAS Ltd division, which provides outsourced accountancy services to UK accountants, we are now well over 100 employees, which is an amazing number when you think there were only 75 back in March 2016.

The majority of our staff are based in our brand new offices on the 9th floor of GNFC Infotowers in Ahmedabad, with just under a third of them working from our Baroda office.

As QXAS continues to grow, not just internationally, but also in Ahmedabad and Baroda, we are proud to announce that we are targeting to bring in a further 90+ accounting and payroll jobs at all levels. The new roles are part of the QXAS India team who work solely with UK accountants in practice.

We are drawing on talent across the Gujarat region and have been working closely with Universities and colleges to further our reach and build a more diverse work-force.

The QXAS team has accomplished a lot so far – we are the best accounts outsourcing company across the Gujarat region with an in-house Accounts Training Academy which offers targeted training and opportunities for career development and promotions for our QX accounting staff.

Additionally and importantly for career accountants, as we are an ACCA approved gold status employer, our accounting staff can take advantage of the Performance Objective exemption available to students when working for an Approved employer. 

Being a socially conscious company, we are also interested in increasing the diversity in our offices. To that end we offer a higher referral bonus to employees who recommend women candidates and flexible working for those women returning to the workplace.

In addition to providing the opportunity for some of  our staff to visit the UK so they can get a firsthand experience of how things are done in the country they provide services to, we offer competitive pay, growth opportunities, and other benefits and perks that are unmatched in the Gujarat outsourcing industry.

Whilst we receive CVs frequently, it is now time to go big and we need exceptional people in the following roles:

  1. Trainee accounts assistants (33)  Ahmedabad
  2. Trainee accounts assistants (30)  Baroda
  3. Senior accountant (10) – Ahmedabad
  4. Senior accountants (5)  Baroda
  5. Accounts managers (4) – Ahmedabad
  6. Accounts managers (2) – Baroda
  7. AVP - Accounts (1) – Ahmedabad     
  8. Senior Manager (2) - Accounts   

Here are some tips before you apply…

  • Send us a short resume/CV in word or pdf format
  • Spell check your introductory email

If you’re interested or know any experienced or trainee accountants who are interested in joining us and pursuing an ACCA qualification, please contact or call Gaurav on 88660 78400.

You can check out other QXAS opportunities at

Please help us spread the word via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Thanks!

Check out some of our recent photos of QXAS Ahmedabad employees at work and at play.

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