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Meet Devesh Solanki, QXAS Academy’s New Training Man...

We know how important it is to ensure a steady supply of accountants as we take on ne....

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Top 10 Hilarious Excuses Britons Made For Missing th...

From burning yachts, cheating husbands, stinging wasps, to hungry dogs, here are top ....

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5 celebs you didn't know were accountants

When you look at their photos or see them on stage, you never think of them as number....

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Are accountants the worst drivers?

A study by 1st Central of more than a million people revealed which professions have ....

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QXAS takes 75 accounting staff on holiday to Dubai

We are taking 75 of our accounting staff on a four-day, Easter holiday to Dubai.

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Meet the QXAS outsourcing team

Meet the QXAS outsourcing team

Have you ever wondered who you are talking to when you call QXAS or who files your cl....

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