Why Pay & Bill companies should collaborate with outsourcing partners [Video testimonial inside]

19 Jul 2019  |  
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Scaling business by outsourcing with QXAS

For those, striving to scale their business, is outsourcing the answer?

Connor Heaney, the Managing Director of CXC Global EMEA, wondered the same while trying to figure out a way to integrate his business’ disparate internal systems, spread across different countries and times zones.

While Heaney administered from CXC’s headquarter in Dublin, CXC’s finance team was based in Australia and the other departments were spread across all over Asia including the Philippines. Despite being one of the largest HR outsourcing companies of the world and having a strong global team, Heaney was having a hard time invoicing around the clock or managing payments from clients.

How did they overcome it?

“When we found QX, we had a partner that would allow us to scale, that was flexible but more importantly had expertise. Expertise that we couldn’t actually get in our market place that quickly,” said Heaney.

Heaney’s power move of outsourcing with QXAS turned the tables around for him. He now has an extended team that specialises in handling the accounts of CXC so that there’s no more discrepancy in payments or invoicing. The cherry on top is that the team works during the UK hours and it’s well under the cost of having an in house team. Hence, the communication and coordination between Heaney’s staff in Dublin and his outsourced QXAS team in India is seamless.

“We have taken our business from essentially zero and grown it significantly, in 2 years across 8 different countries,” said Heaney on business’ growth.

“We couldn’t have done that without the great relationships we’ve formed with the guys here in India, and they are really a part of our team.”

CXC Global currently uses 16 members of staff in QXAS to assist with Payroll, Invoicing, Timesheet processing, and email, phone and sales support, and year-end support.

Check out our video interview with Connor Heaney below. 

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