What should my accountancy practice's mobile app include?

By: Vishal   |   23 Sep 2016  |  
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“There’s an app for that”. A ubiquitous catchphrase of these modern times. From tasks like expenses reporting and completing timesheets to receipts tracking, mobile apps offer many ways of making life easier to the accounting industry.

If you have ever toyed with the idea of developing an app for your accountancy practice but are unsure what all features to include, this article is for you.

There are many elements to an app and the important thing is to select the ones that will prove most beneficial to your clients.  We have included below a review of some of the segments of an accounting app that we feel would be good to include in your own:

1. Content segment

This segment provides information of interest to users’ mobiles devices. For instance, an accountant with business clients can deliver targeted and timely news directly to the client’s mobile devices, giving them more convenient access to information, which clients can then use to make smart and swift business decisions.

A content segment should include items like:

  • Budget news and Autumn statements
  • latest news
  • meet the team
  • important tax dates
  • tax tables
  • share and fund prices
  • prices of precious metals
  • list of office locations
  • arrange to meet/contact us facility in-app
  • contact through text, voice, email or Skype
  • social media integration

2. Calculator segment

As the name suggests, these allow users to do quick calculations.  For example, there are numerous income tax apps in the market that take inputs such as an individual’s yearly earnings and deductions to produce an estimate of the income tax they owe. 

Here are some types of calculators you can offer to help your clients’ monetary issues:

  • currency calculators
  • car and fuel benefits calculator
  • mileage calculator
  • CIS tax deduction calculator
  • fuel cost calculator
  • incorporation calculator
  • IHT calculator
  • payroll/payslip calculator
  • VAT flat rate scheme calculator
  • stamp duty calculator
  • savings calculator
  • contractor calculator
  • dividend vs salary calculator
  • mortgage calculator

3. Income, expense and mileage trackers

Trackers help clients keep track of income, expenses and tax write-offs and send them directly to you. You could include the following in your app:

  • mileage tracker
  • receipts tracker
  • income tracker
  • non-reimbursed charges tracker
  • charitable donations tracker

4. Tax checklists and document scanner

Tax checklists ensure that clients have all their information handy when they see you for tax preparation. Moreover, you will save time as clients will need to organize their information before their appointment. 

A document scanner will allow your clients to easily scan documents, save them to their phone and send them to you on the go. A document scanning feature should include the ability to:

  • scan any kind of text document
  • crop, rotate and adjust its contrast
  • share pdfs via email or uploads to client’s online portal

The proliferation of technology and mobile devices has changed the way we communicate with each other. With more and more of your clients using their mobile devices to run their business on the go, it’s a no brainer that the accounting profession must adapt quickly or risk falling behind.

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