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The Quality Guide to Accountex 2019 for Time-Savvy Accountants

QX Guide to Accountex 2019

Scouting through a room full of 8,000 visitors and a couple of hundred neon-lit stands is baffling. With less than three weeks to go, Accountex 2019 is gearing up for its biggest edition with 10% more floor space than last year and over 250 exhibitors; which is why it’s important to start planning now.

Before the frenzy gets to you, QXAS has come up with a quality guide covering all the best spots to hit this year – without hustling through the crowds. 

The QXAS guide helps you navigate through everything from the tube to the cavernous halls of ExCel London so that you don’t end up spending the whole night digging through the map. As the weekend of May 1-2 approaches our doorstep, Accountex is already seeming to be jam-packed affair but a quick flip through the guide might help you pre-register for those house-full events and book that much-awaited consultation in advance.

Taking after the quality and excellence that the QXAS is built upon, the “quality” guide to Accountex 2019 narrows down to the key sessions that talk about the ideas that are defining our industry at the moment.

This year’s Accountex is meant to shake us all by the shoulders and realise the big trends taking over the industry. Events covering everything from accounting software, making tax digital, technology, training, cloud, pensions, and payroll, to recruitment, business funding, and government updates – are cherry-picked in to help you balance your time between attending sessions and networking.

Being a veteran of the Accountex events, QXAS understands that Accountex 2019 is more than just a platform for promotion; it’s a congregation for connection. The quality guide also provides a comprehensive checklist of how to cut the queues, develop connections, and make a lasting impression on everyone you meet – because, for accountants, everything counts.

It is the era of the user-friendly. So, going hand-in-hand with Accountex, QXAS is also making strides toward digitisation through launching its new MTD service and opening the floor up for a free consultation from the Robinson brothers and the QX Experts.

Crowd shy or not, it’s time to claim that travel expense and hop on the bandwagon to Accountex 2019! Just keep your quality guide handy.


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