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Shouts & Murmurs: QXAS launches Brand-New Client Portal

23 Jan 2020  |  
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Better Client Experience

In 2001, Jeff Bezos, CEO of the beloved brand, Amazon, sketched one of the most iconic business models on the back of a paper napkin. What he envisioned was later developed by Hubspot into the Flywheel Business model where customer where at the heart of all that a business does.

 QXAS has always believed in putting our clients first and with the launch of QXAS’ break-through technology of the year – it’s clear that all that our client experience is at the center of all that we do.

What is the Client Portal?

The Client Portal is a space for our clients to learn more about their outsourced jobs and their own business. It is gives them clarity, focus and vision by forecasting their profits and giving them a direction on where to invest their profits they’ve incurred from outsourcing.

The Portal has three main windows:

1. Dashboard : A One-Stop-Shop of Powerful analytics to forecast for better

The interactive dashboard provides in-depth analysis of all outsourced projects including – a margin report, a monthly report and the turnaround time of the jobs delegated to your India team.

2. Jobs: Get live updates on your jobs getting processed

A new and faster way of staying on top of all the latest developments as they unfold using the Client Portal and its mobile counterpart, the QX Tracker App.

3. New Jobs: With just a Click, Swipe or Tap Away

This is your one-stop-shop for creating and assigning jobs. You just have to fill out some general information such as assignment type, attach the required documents and fill the checklist accordingly.

How will the Portal Make Client Experience Better?

This is the part where we talk about how clients are at the heart of all that we do. Success starts with fantastic customer experience and the client portal was designed to cater to the needs of what our clients wanted for their business, not just for their outsourced jobs such as:

  • A host of powerful analytics will help our estimate their marginal profits and plan on where to invest them
  • A job tracker will help them get updates on their outsourced jobs on-the-go
  • The Portal makes communication a breeze for our clients with powerful tools to get in touch with your India team, raise queries or provide inputs on the performance

Interactive data on spending, billing and turnaround time will help our clients determine the outcomes of their outsourcing decision and will help them find more clarity on what areas to focus on in the future.

“We came up with the idea of the Client Portal because there was a lack of connection. We needed our Clients to connect with us and with our business’ journey and the portal serves both purposes,” said Dishant Desai, Global CEO, QXAS.

QXAS is slowly shifting: from better products to better experience and at the heart of it all is to drive profits for our client – since a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.

Visit the Client Portal Today

Explore the portal for a hands-on experience on how we bring convenience to the fingertips for our clients.

Login in to the Portal:

Know More about The Portal Here:

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