QXAS1.0 - paving the way to 1000 accountants across Ahmedabad and Baroda

By: Vishal   |   04 Aug 2017  |  
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Launch of QXAS1.0

Note: This blog post was first published on 4 August 2017 and was last updated on 30 January 2018 .

It’s no surprise to our clients and staff that growing QXAS has been a huge challenge. We started as QX over thirteen years ago with a small team of 5. Today we are a separate division (we go by QXAS) dedicated to UK accountants in practice, with more than 220 accountants across Ahmedabad and Baroda delivering services to 275+ UK accountancy practices!  We also have a US division – QXAS Inc. But that's a story in itself. 

Interestingly, we are also now the largest and fastest growing accounting firm in Gujarat. We bet you did not know that!

The reason we’ve chosen to write a blog about this is we’ve moved from a small to a medium company (and now aim to be a large company), and it’s important that our staff and clients understand where we are going. 

In March 2016, we set a ‘Mission 250 accountants’ target and that target will be passed in the next few months (we welcomed employee #150 last month).  So we thought it was time to set a new target – QXAS1.0 (pronounced One point zero just in case you weren’t sure).

However QXAS1.0 is not only about recruiting 1000 accountants by 2022. It’s a bit of that, but what we are building here is more than a sum of its parts. Yes it’s about growing our staff numbers. But to enable this we are making many changes. 

So what changes are we planning to make?

Think Big

We are changing our processes and systems to cope with the demands of being a large company. To that end:

  • We’ve implemented a new HR system and a new CRM system to make our processes much more efficient
  • We’ve developed new recruitment and project management systems
  • We’ve launched a job tracking mobile app, and are the first accounts outsourcing company in India to become an ACCA approved employer.
  • We’re continuing to make investments in new technology, people and training

Globalisation and growth

We are currently diversifying our geographies. Other than the UK and USA, Ireland, Australia and Canada are our new markets for outsourced accounting. Our sister company, QXAS Inc, has been developing well and additional resources and investment are already happening in the US too.

To cope with the new growth, the QXAS UK leadership team is looking to hire 5 new operational directors and at least 25 new operations managers and 750+ accountants (by 2022) to guide our culture, set strategy and lead by example. These are the fantastic careers paths with new skills and training provided by QXAS.

Increased transparency and equality

QXAS1.0 also means an increased transparency amongst teams. We recently launched our monthly Town Halls, creating an informal environment for team members to speak openly and honestly without fear of losing their jobs.

This is being achieved through Q&A sessions and asking for feedback via surveys. The idea is to find out from employees about the changes we can make to improve their working lives.

QX has always been committed to equal opportunities and diversity and as part of this the leadership teams are being increased to included greater gender diversity.


We certainly are. We know we will have growing pains and we may not get it right first time (which happens sometimes), but we are committed to pull in the same direction – and perhaps reach QXAS1.0 before 2022?

If you’re interested in joining us, please contact jobs@qxltd.com or call Jasmin on 99099 79374. 


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