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QXAS welcomes 300th Employee; boosting its millennial workforce

QXAS welcomes employee no. 300

When is a start-up no longer a start-up?

Unless you’re a professional market analyst, this is a question we’ve all wondered about. On July 15, 2019, when Prasad Sawant signed his offer letter to join the team at QXAS, little did he know that he was hitting a major milestone by furthering QXAS in its journey of being a giant in the Indian KPO industry.

Sawant joined to be the 300th employee of QXAS, which made the company a pioneer in the accounting outsourcing industry in India, on the basis of its massive employee strength.

Based in our Mumbai office, Sawant is from an accounting and commerce background with 1.5 years of experience in the accounting outsourcing industry. Sawant will be another addition to the teeming, brand-new millennial workforce, which the company prides upon, for the soaring numbers in its annual turnover rate and the impeccable quality of work that’s raising the bar amongst its competitors.

QXAS’ current crop of highly-talented resources are entrepreneurial and booming with billion-pound ideas. In fact, the talk about the ‘millennial difference’ in the workplace has been the buzz of the industry. According to Ivey Business Journal, a lot of this has to do with their tendency to give back to the organisation and their creative energy.

“I had a feeling I would be a great fit,” said Sawant, on his decision to join QXAS. “The way the company operates is just so professional, organised yet flexible. I learned everything from my work in the department to Zumba dancing within a week of my joining.”

Here’s something that’s hard to miss: the company itself has remoulded itself to accommodate its younger workforce – by introducing new activities, trips, and training for the overall growth and development of the employees. The Friday Zumba classes that Sawant mentions above are a part of a wider range of social activities to keep the staff active and on their toes.

“I think the millennials at QXAS are pushing the company to evolve,” said Pankaj Karanpuriya, who is Sawant’s direct manager at QXAS, Mumbai. “We have created an open atmosphere, transparency, and social activities for the younger crowd to thrive and keep the creativity in them alive.”

Growth isn’t just about numbers. Often, it’s about transforming, moving and not settling for comfort. Maybe that’s how you know when a start-up is no longer a start-up – when it doesn’t stop growing.

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