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QXAS Tracker: Eliminating Chasing, Once and for All

By: Vishal   |   03 Feb 2017  |  
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Here at QXAS, we are always thinking of ways to make outsourcing more lovable, and that also means making the process of tracking outsourced jobs less hateable.

Introducing: QXAS’s new task tracking mobile app. It aims to eliminate chasing outsourced jobs forever.

What does this mean for QXAS customers?

Ever had that client who wanted to know when their tax returns or accounts will be finished? Well, if you use the QXAS Tracker app you can find out instantly where we are with your job.

From now on, instead of calling or emailing us (both great options), just use your smartphone to get an instant summary of completed jobs and jobs on hold.

As always, we’ll email or call you if there are any tasks that need your attention. You can continue to worry about more important things then the status of your outsourced jobs.

For 2 months now, we’ve enabled our clients to do track jobs and raise queries with just a smartphone. This app eliminates an important but unnecessary process, bringing us closer to an ideal world in which our accountancy clients can focus on growing their practice rather than chasing the status of compliance tasks! 

Get it now – secure and in control

As with everything associated with QXAS, security is paramount and access is controlled with encrypted passwords.

  • Download the Android app here
  • Download the iOS app here

Just for clients

Remember, our mobile app is available exclusively for our clients. If you’d like to know more about the QXAS service, call 0845 838 2452 for a friendly chat with one of our team members.

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