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QXAS Goes to 2020 Innovation; With an A-Team, Original Research and A Mission to Change the World

24 Oct 2019  |  
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QXAS goes to 2020 Innovation

It’s a year of new beginnings for QXAS UK. Whether it is a generous partnership with Singapore-based charity B1G1 or the publication of a game-changing research report on the ‘State of the Accounting’ industry – QXAS is making new strides toward creating better businesses, better societies and a better world.

On 7th November 2019, our QXAS delegates will be travelling to the renowned 2020 Innovation and here are some of the highlights of this upcoming exhibition:

QXAS at 2020 Innovation

QXAS has trust in the time of disruption. Stop by to meet our A Team at this year’s 2020 Innovation conference as they help accountants drive innovation with confidence through these time of disruption and change.

Meet the A Team

QX Founder Chris Robinson and Group CEO Frank Robinson are pioneers in establishing and developing their business in various locations across the globe. They are bringing their years of expertise and knowledge of upscaling business to 2020 Innovation to guide accountants through this tumultuous time of change.

Following them - QXAS' UK Country Head, Pom and Business Development Manager Parth, bringing solutions to the profession’s biggest challenges –whether it’s the retirement cliff or ongoing staffing shortage, technological change, upskilling employees or client acquisition and retention.

With years of experience at bettering businesses, Chris, Frank, Pom and Parth are the one-stop shop to end your firm’s toughest challenges to upscaling.

Reserve your spot for a consultation with QXAS at 2020.

Get a Free Copy of our Research Report

QXAS’ original research report on the ‘State of the Accounting’ has been making the rounds ever since it launched in September. The research details insights into how the seismic influences of technological disruption; fallout in the work-life balance; erratic increase in client demands have affected the accounting industry.

The report co-authored by Practice Strategist, Steve Pipe also lists the practical steps accountants need to take in order to tackle the thriving issues in accounting.

Stop by our stand at 2020 to grab a free-copy!

A Chance to Give at 2020

This year, QXAS is integrating social change into all its day-to-day business operations. Our mission is to help young lives in Cambodia get access to education so that they can reach their full potential – through B1G1’s ‘Business For Good’ movement.

At 2020, our delegates would love to make you a part of this journey by donating on your behalf, for every sign-up we get. We hope you help us reach our goal!

Don't miss out - there's also a lot of games and lucky draws for our visitors. Stop by the QXAS stand at 2020 Innovation for a meet n’ greet with our A-Team; get a copy of our exclusive research report; and get lots of QX merchandise and ‘a chance to give’ with B1G1!

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