QXAS # 150

By: Vishal   |   01 Jun 2017  |  
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QXAS # 150

We are continuing our rapid growth and today welcomed employee # 150 to the growing team.

Based in our Ahmedabad office, Bindi Patel, the 150th member in the team, has joined QXAS as a senior accountant. Her previous work includes a 6 year stint at an accounts outsourcing company such as ours.

Bindi joins 11 other new recruits Trushank, Suvarna, Siddika, Sarabdeep, Sneha, Jibin, Umang, Rajesh, Nikunj and Shehzad (pictured below).

Dishant Desai, QXAS Operations Director, said, “We launched in 2009 and have grown steadily since then but have seen a 40% increase in our employee numbers in the last year alone.  We pride ourselves on the career opportunities we provide and with our ACCA approved employer status, and ACCA and ICAEW membership, welcome these new employees with open arms. We are riding the wave of demand for outsourced accounting services and our clients who move to us rave about our services.

“Our goal is to be the # 1 accounts outsourcing company for UK accountants in India in terms of client service and value for money. We’re very process driven and we are continuing to build our services that way so we can scale quickly.  As well as being passionate about the job, we are looking for accountants who can help us increase productivity and suggest process improvements too.”

QXAS welcomes 150th employee
QXAS' new accountants: (from left to right) back row: Rajesh, Umang, Trushank, Umang, Nikunj, Shehzad. Front row: Jibin, Bindi, Suvarna, Siddika, Sneha, Sarabdeep

QXAS benefits

It’s not all work at QXAS. We have a range of benefits to keep our 150 strong team happy. All our employees enjoy these fantastic perks

  • Structured training programme via the QXAS training academy
  • UK travel rewards for top-performing staff
  • Accommodation for outstation staff
  • Opportunities for career development and promotions
  • Sponsored national and international team trips
  • Subsidised meals and transportation
  • Quarterly health assessments
  • Paid leave, sickness and maternity leave
  • Access to a library and an in-door games recreation area
  • Employee referral schemes

Fancy a career in accounting? Whether you’re just starting out on your accounting career or are ready to take the next step up, we’d love to hear from you. We are looking for exceptional accountants in the following roles:

  1. Trainee accounts assistants – Ahmedabad
  2. Trainee accounts assistants – Baroda
  3. Senior accountants – Ahmedabad
  4. Senior accountants – Baroda
  5. Accounts managers – Ahmedabad
  6. Accounts managers – Baroda
  7. AVP - Accounts – Ahmedabad     
  8. Senior Manager Accounts – Ahmedabad   

So if you are interested in joining us and pursuing an ACCA qualification, please contact jobs@qxltd.com or call Gaurav on 88660 78400.

You can also check out other QXAS opportunities at www.qxltd.com/work-for-us/vacancies. Please help us spread the word via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Thanks!

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