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Shouts & Murmurs: QXAS is Improving Accounting, One Feature at a Time

QX is Improving Accounting, One Feature at a Time

Something is happening to accounting firms – Desks are emptying out, the guys at human resources have been running around resignation letters have been circling in and out of your boss’ office. If you’ve been too busy staring your computer, take a break and look around, are there just as many people as there were when you joined?

The itch to quit is spreading around the industry like an epidemic, infecting every accountant that it comes in contact with. In fact, some of this panic could be felt at this year’s Accountex too. While most of the keynote sessions revolved around disruption, MTD and morphing into advisories, Nikki Adams and Alex Black of Ad Valorem addressed this “hush-hush” issue of retaining talent in Accounting. Clearly, something big is at play here.

But in this month’s XU magazine, QX chairman, Chris Robinson opens up on the question that’s eating away at the accounting industry at the moment: Why are accountants quitting? Many think it’s all about the all-mighty pound – but it’s not. Chris takes help of research conducted by Deloitte and Accountancy age to dig deep into why accountants are abandoning the profession. In his feature article, he also imparts some guidance on how to keep accountants from jumping ship.

Hint: It might have something to do with boredom and what the industry has been obsessed with for a while – digitisation. But before you start panicking; read through Chris’ feature on XU Magazine to find out why >>>

Since, it’s a truth universally acknowledged that there’s nothing worse than hiring the perfect candidate, training them and then watching them leave.

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