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Power of Purpose: QXAS joins the ‘Business For Good’ movement with Singapore-based charity, B1G1

23 Oct 2019  |  
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QXAS goes to B1G1x

It is possible for businesses to be the engine of social change and QXAS has already taken the initiative. The organisation started with the mission to help accountancy practices grow but now it is determined to create a bigger impact on the growth of our society and ultimately, the world.

On the 28th of October, QX UK Country Head, Pom Chakravarti and Business Development Manager, Parth Prajapati will be travelling to London to attend the B1G1x Conference celebrating the organisation’s recent accomplishments in spreading a culture of kindness.

The QXAS and B1G1 Partnership

It all started with a connection. In the summer of 2018, QXAS teamed up with British author and Practice Strategist, Steve Pipe to conduct a research on the state of the accounting in the UK. While the research revealed some good and some bad news for most accountancy practices; it created a ripple effect of social change with the help of Singaporean Charity, B1G1.

Being an avid member and a strong advocate for “creating a better world,” Steve helped QXAS jump on the B1G1 bandwagon using a charitable model to integrate social missions in the research operations. The production and publication of the research report made a strong impact in the lives of vulnerable young girls in the following ways:

  • A filter to make their water safe
  • Enough seeds to grow vegetables and keep their belly full
  • A pushbike for them to get to school The initiative greatly impacted toward getting access to education easier for these kids.

“We’re proud to be associated with B1G1. We’re now a part of a new culture that integrates social change in our day-to-day business operations and it’s a great way to make an impact to not the business we work with; but the whole world,” said Pom Chakravarti on the ocassion of his upcoming appearance at the B1G1x. “Bettering each other through collaboration – that’s what businesses are all about.”

“Education is the most powerful promoter for social transformation and QXAS is glad to be able to contribute toward educating young lives in Cambodia,” said Parth Prajapati on 22,680 impacts that QXAS has made on its first giving toward its education initiatives.

“Children are the future of this community and it's wonderful to know through having easier access to education these children are likely to live happier, healthier and more prosperous lives.”

Inspired By the Good

This is going to be QXAS’ first appearance at the B1G1x Conference and the delegates Parth and Pom will be sharing key insights about their plans to make social impact, a part of their day-to-day business operations. Pom would also be talking about their ‘outsourcing for good’ initiatives at the event on Monday night. QXAS also feels that a lot of its intitiatives were inspired by Clarity HQ's  focussed efforts on making a difference through their day-to-day business operations. Clarity has kick started the culture of spreading good and QXAS is glad to be furthering it.

There are profits, losses, turnovers and acquisitions in business. However, we all know that, in the end, for every business, what it really comes down to is how we make a difference through our work and the legacy that we leave behind for the world to know.

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