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By: Vishal   |   02 Jan 2017  |  
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Running and growing an accountancy practice can be challenging. Especially with so many unexpected shifts and uncertainties around legislation and digitisation.

As we work closely with accountants on a day-to-day basis, we’ve listed the top 5 blogs from 2016 that we hope will be a valuable resource for any accountant. We hope you enjoy!

1. Infographic: How are accountants tackling the upcoming January tax return season?


Just after the 2015-16 tax season, AccountingWeb ran a ‘What Would You Do Differently?’ survey among its member accountants to explore how practitioners coped during January’s tax rush. We analysed their data and made a colourful infographic to help accountants understand what their peers were planning to do differently to tackle the mad rush in January. 


2. How accountants can make money from auto-enrolment


2017 promises to be eventful as far as auto-enrolment goes. More businesses will set up a pension this year than in any year and the role accountants play in their clients’ auto enrolment duties will be more important than ever.

In 2016, we made it a mission to find out how we could help accountants help their clients. With this in mind we analysed research from Bower Private Clients study and listed a creative way for accountants to make auto-enrolment profitable.


3. Cyber security: How accountancy practices should tackle attacks in 2016


As the usage of technology like cloud accounting grows, we understand how important it has become for accountants to keep their customer’s online data safe and secure.

To help accountants prepare and remain aware, we’ve listed things accountants sometimes do wrong, followed by some of the things that can help fix the problem.


4. Top tips for preparing clients to file and early SA Tax return


In keeping with our mission to help accountants save time, we scoured the internet and found hundreds of top tips and steps accountants across the UK were taking to prepare their clients to file an early SA tax return this year.

Our aim was to help accountants who did not want to suffer the madness for another year. With another month till the SATR deadline, it would be helpful to go through the list and double check you have put all of them in practice.


5. Lost a key staff member? Here’s how to cope with it.


The accounting pool has been running dry for as long as we can remember. Losing an accountant, especially an important one, can be tough, but we don’t think it should cripple your operational capacity.

The last post on our list explores how losing a key staff member affects a practice and what accountants can do to cope up with it.


We hope this handy blog helps you understand how a steady supply of talented accountants is possible as you take on more clients. 

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