Our early Personal Tax Return service for 2015/16 is here

By: Vishal   |   28 Jul 2016  |  
Tags: Tax outsourcing

We know the January rush for tax return can be stressful time of the year. QXAS relieves the burden of the tax season by taking over the filing of your clients’ personal tax returns for you. So rather than labouring away into the wee hours of the holiday season, make a smart move and let QXAS do the heavy lifting for you.

As an incentive, we are offering a tiered pricing structure and bulk discounts for accountants who want to beat the January tax return deadline.

This helps you in two ways – you receive discounts in your bill and it eases the rush in January– your busiest time.

We have 12 years of experience filing tax returns for accountants and filed more than 3000 tax returns last season.

Our charging is based on income streams (£15 – minimum charge). So for example if someone simply has an employment income (£10), interest (£20) and dividend income (£20), you will pay £65 to file their tax return, if you sign up in July.  

Don’t delay – we are offering standard rates till end of December, and premium rates from in January. We are also offering discounts on bulk tax returns! 

Make the January tax return deadline a thing of the past. Take control of the January tax season now.

Call us on 0870 803 1033 for a chat and we’ll be delighted to help. You can also email us on contact@qxas.co.uk

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