Nine things you did not know about accounts outsourcing provider QXAS

By: Vishal   |   12 Jul 2017  |  
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9 little known facts about QXAS

Ever heard of QXAS? If you are a UK accountant in practice, chances are that you have. QXAS is well known for its accounts outsourcing services, but there are some little known but important facts that we think you should know.

1. What is QXAS?

QX Accounting Services (QXAS) Ltd is an UK based accounts outsourcing company.  It is the accounts outsourcing division of QX Holdings Ltd and the sister company of QXAS Inc.  

It’s been long established in the UK and recently started to work with Australian CPAs.

2. Clients

Since 2008, QXAS Ltd has been advising 125+ UK accountancy practices on how to best leverage the globalisation and outsourcing of accounts and tax services.

Our clients range from sole-practitioners to large accountancy practices. We are also a preferred supplier for a large network of UK franchise accountants.

3. ICAEW, ACCA & Xero certified company

Our parent company was founded and is led by a KPMG-trained, ICAEW-member Chartered Accountant - Chris Robinson in 2004. We are headquartered in Skipton, North Yorkshire.

To help us provide the highest level of service to our UK accounting clients, we are professionally affiliated with accountancy sector organisations like ICAEW, ACCA and Xero.

4. ACCA approved employer

QXAS is an ACCA approved employer; meaning our trainee accountants can take advantage of the Performance Objective exemption available to students when working for an Approved Employer.

This exemption means that ACCA has confidence in QXAS’s systems and processes.

5. QXAS Training Academy

Our in-house Accountant Training Academy ensures that we have fully trained staff at all time.  For over two years, it has been training new and current staff in UK accounting and accountancy practice updates.

So far close to 77 accountants have graduated from the academy and have launched their professional career to the next level with QXAS.

6. Secure like a bank

Security is of paramount important when one is dealing with sensitive financial data. We meet BSI ISO recognised standards for Security (ISO 27001) and Quality (ISO 9001) management systems.  Our Skipton office, where the scanning often happens, recently added the Cyber Essential scheme and ISO 27001 accreditation to its arsenal.

We are also compliant with the UK Data Protection Act, 1998 and are working on our GDPR compliance ready for May next year. To watch a 3minute film about our security measures click here

7. Award-winning

We are not just any outsourcing company; on 4 occasions, our parent company, QX, has featured on the IAOP list of world's best outsourcing providers, and been voted best BPO/KPO in Gujarat on numerous occasions.

8. Innovative

Many of our clients use our simple mobile app, QXAS Tracker, to have instant access to the status of the work we are undertaking for them.

Our fantastic app lets them raise queries about jobs, search the dashboard, and filter jobs by job code, name, status and dates we received the jobs.

9. Our team

The QXAS Ltd office in Ahmedabad and Baroda in India employ 170+ accountants today.  Just over a month ago, QXAS welcomed its 150th team member.  In total, the QX Group now employs over 800 people.

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