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Modern Accountants: Meet Rhydham Bansal, the Software-Savvy Accountant

Modern Accountant Rhydham Bansal

Rhydham Bansal,
Team Leader, QXAS UK

Hometown: Sunam, Punjab

Bachelor of Commerce, Delhi University, 2016
Master of Business Administration, Lovely Professional University, 2019

What I Do:
I lead a team of 5 accountants and we manage accounts for 2 major clients in the UK. From bookkeeping, tax preparation to year-accounts and payroll – we take care of all back-office work for our clients.

I started out in September 2015, quite like an intern really – assisting my manger, troubleshooting, helping other team members and much more . I look back at it now and think of how those early days strengthened by base and my ambitions in accountancy. In July 2017, I was promoted to the position of a Senior Accountant and that generated my interest in mastering accounting software, I soon started to manage software like TaxCalc, IRIS and CCH for all year-end preparations. 

In March 2019, when I got Xero-certified, it felt like a major leap toward evolving into a modern accountant. Our clients are major drivers of this change since most of them are migrating their systems to either Xero or Quickbooks. I have a feeling that our clients are always in the search for software that integrates all their functions on one platform -- and with Xero, the platform they’re getting is quite close to that. I had another major breakthrough this year in 2019, when I got promoted to the position of a Team Leader.

How I Got to QXAS:
Before coming to QXAS, I worked at an accounting firm called KFT Pvt. Ltd in New Delhi. It was right after graduating college and it served as a great opportunity to learn my basics.

Most Important Business Lesson Learned:

I realized that Darwin’s survival of the fittest applies very well to business; that as accountants you must keep evolving and move with the times.

Where is Accountancy Heading:
Modern accountancy for me comes down to anything that’s digital. From MTD to Accounting Apps – the profession seems to be heading to a place where accountants have more time and can add more value to the work that they’re doing by digitizing anything that’s monotonous and time-consuming. I think we’re moving toward efficiency and accuracy.

Future Ambitions:
I have my eyes set on getting promoted as the Assistant Manager, QXAS UK. In fact, if all goes well, in the next 5 years, I’d like to have my own team of 60 accountants – to have a broader digital skillset in the organization.

What I like About Working for QXAS

Despite being in India, I love how I’m able to drive the digital revolution in global accounting through the business. I’m also getting ample of opportunities to upskill myself from traditional accounting roles and to being a modern, digital accountant.

I think the culture at QX is quite progressive too. While the generation before me (my parents, boomers etc.) had met with a lot of hierarchy and bureaucracy – all that is rapidly dissolving with the modern millennial workforce coming into place. QX does a good job at keeping up with this younger workforce – I still remember the day Chris asked me and Shweta, my girlfriend (now fiancée) out for brunch and we discussed all things from Chinese food to US Policies and the slump in global economy.

In fact, the culture of thoughtfulness runs throughout the industry – when I turned 27, one the clients I worked with sent me a heartfelt video to wish me on my birthday. In these millennial times, money isn’t everything anymore. I think it’s these small gestures and relationships that make me feel rewarded and valued for the work that I’m doing.

I’m also proud of the work QXAS UK’s doing with B1G1 and I love that through the business, I’m able to make an impact on providing education to young vulnerable kids across the globe. I like how I’m constantly reminded of how my work isn’t just limited to crunching numbers – it adds value to the organization, the clients and young lives across the globe.

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