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INFOGRAPHIC-India vs Philippines which is the better outsourcing destination for accountants

01 Feb 2019  |  
Tags: Outsourcing accounting Infographic

India and now the Philippines has become synonymous with outsourcing. Since the 1990’s when outsourcing really started to take off, India has been leading the charge. With its 487 million skilled young professionals, India hasn’t really had much competition when it comes to outsourcing.

However, the Philippines is now gaining ground and has experienced some tremendous growth. With a dominance in customer service voice processing and now gaining ground in fields like engineering and legal BPO they’re giving the Indians run for their money.

In this infographic we’ve highlighted the key areas where India and the Philippines excel. We also focus on the projected growth and level of global outsourcing market share of each country. For us India is still the better outsourcing destination for accountants but it’s important to understand what makes the Philippines so good.

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