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In our clients' words - the benefits of outsourcing

By: Vishal   |   26 Aug 2016  |  
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When talking to our clients, one of the things that strikes us is their relief at finding an accounting outsourcing service like ours. What’s also worth noting, is the number of reasons they love QXAS.

So here in their words, we summarize why QXAS is a perfect fit for accountants in practice.

Please note: We haven’t revealed the names of our clients due to non-disclosure agreements between us.


A partner in an accountancy firm in Barnsley was struck by how QXAS’ accuracy was no less than what their accountants delivered.

“When I gave your team the first accounting job, I was sceptical of the accuracy. The speed with which I received the completed job added to my uncertainty of the quality. I actually spent a couple of hours reviewing the files myself. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the accuracy was no less than what any of my accountants deliver and, in some areas, better than my own team! The little notes reinforce my belief in your team’s attention to detail. If you ever need a reference, please do not hesitate to call me!”

Quick turnaround times

A Practice Manager in Watford, loves the fact that we can turn around jobs faster and free his time to build the practice.

“QXAS was recommended to me by a colleague when I had a mountain of work and had put business development on the back burner. I was a little hesitant at first but that soon changed when I experienced their service levels and quick turnaround times. They now undertake bookkeeping and accounting work for me on a regular basis and the annual contract I have means I am getting really good rates and I now have time to focus on building up my business. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

No more staffing shortages - help when you need it

A Practice Manager in Dunstable particularly loves the fact that they can get staff when they need them.

“I had always been dubious about outsourcing but when I was faced with a staffing shortage that meant I was the only qualified accountant, I knew I had to find a short term solution. Recommended by a good friend, I began working with QXAS who have ultimately turned out to be far more than a short term solution. From the outset, their working papers were fantastic and in most cases better than I produced myself; from a productivity perspective, I know the accounts are going to be produced in 2-3 weeks and the only bottleneck tends to be me. Any practice could benefit from this team working behind the scenes and QXAS now forms part of my normal production team. Really good, all round dependable service.

A friendly, reliable and high-quality service

An accountancy firm in Staffordshire is most impressed with the friendly, reliable and high-quality of work they get from QXAS.

“QXAS provides a very high standard of work within agreed timescales. The work returned is of such a high quality that it can be used to conduct client review meetings immediately on its return to us. The team at QXAS is approachable, friendly and there is very much a personal service. We have a dedicated client contact at QXAS and all contact is through him, mostly by email but also by telephone as and when this is more appropriate. Overall, we are very impressed with the friendly, reliable and high-quality service provided by QXAS and would have no hesitation in recommending their services to other accountancy practices.”

QXAS is a tax and accounting outsourcing service, which is helping accountants in practice become more profitable. If you would like to speak with us give Parth a call on 0870 803 1033 or email

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