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How to be a digital-age accountant?

18 Apr 2019  |  
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How to be a digital-age accountant

For Accountex 2019, the QXAS experts will answer all your burning questions on upping your accountancy practice in the digital age.

First, the RTI Payroll. Now, MTD. Accounting is changing faster than we wink. Here at QXAS, we’ve caught up with some of the fastest minds in business for a piece of their mind on how to stand steady during these times. From the burning debate on automation to the right way to outsource, our experts take a probing look at all the new buzz and hype about digitisation in the industry.

Chris Robinson, Chairman
How to thrive in an age of disruption for tax and accounting?
The entire profession must embrace a more responsive, forward-looking approach to innovation and business development; and firms of all sizes must revise their value proposition to clients, or risk being left behind.

Frank Robinson, Group Commercial Director
Our profession is at crossroads. What’s one way stay afloat through all thick and thin?

Through engagement. Using digital tools to establish a strong connection with clients; directly through apps, portals and other means. We should use digitisation to our benefit by giving clients real-time, 24/7 access to their own information.

Pom Chakravarti, Country Head – UK 
What can accountants do that other business strategists can’t?

Accountants do more than just statutory reports. They translate financial data into a mine of information. Big data without analysis is just chaos; extracting meaning from all that data is where the value is.

Dishant Desai, Global CEO, QXAS
Accounting firms are capitalising on new technologies and data. Are they leveraging any of the changes to automate tasks to save time and money?

Despite the trends in digitisation and artificial intelligence, the value in human interaction remains. Automation is changing the way we work, but there are still opportunities to dramatically improve practice productivity."

Parth Prajapati, Business Development Manager
How can accountants cut the noise and focus better on business? Outsourcing. Delegating non-core business functions can save a lot of time and money for businesses. Especially, if you’re receiving the quality you expect. The defining feature of our time is its unprecedented convenience and we should know how to work smarter, not harder.

For more on smart outsourcing and accounting Meet our expert panel for a face-to-face conversation at Accountex 2019. They don’t like to pull any punches while assessing the shifts in the industry and love to share their thoughts to develop your business! Can’t make it to Accountex but got a business query? Email us at and our panel of experts will answer it!