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Developing, maintaining and improving QXAS

By: Vishal   |   05 Apr 2017  |  
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Developing, maintaining and improving QXAS

As we continue to expand, the changes that have happened to QXAS are slowly sinking in.  In just 8 years we’ve grown from 5 staff to a burgeoning team of 115, occupying the top floor of GNFC Infotowers in Ahmedabad.  We’ve witnessed 40% growth in business compared to last year, and have plans to expand to Ireland in 2017. 

For the last 8 years we’ve been focusing on adding value to our outsourcing service. We’ve launched a job tracking mobile app, and are the first accounts outsourcing company in India to become an ACCA approved employer, which means that all of the training our accountants go through is of the highest standard.

But we don’t intend to host on these laurels. As we move ahead, we’d like to give you a sneak peek at what’s going on at QXAS:

Automatic Enrolment

The introduction of auto-enrolment and RTI has brought about the biggest change to payroll in decades. Nevertheless, it has created a mammoth opportunity for our clients.  But without the expert in-house payroll knowledge and capabilities they were missing on this opportunity.

Which is why QXAS has helped accountants make auto-enrolment profitable with support available within our payroll outsourcing service.

Our auto-enrolment service, customised to fit any practice size, provides all necessary templates and letters to comply with AE requirements.

What’s included?

  • Initial assessment of your clients’ requirements and categorisation of their employees
  • Registering your clients to their chosen pension scheme provider along with employee details
  • Managing communication to employees
  • Setting up pensions in payroll software
  • Running of payroll which incorporates auto-enrolment pensions
  • Providing necessary pension reports on weekly/monthly basis to send to your clients
  • Submitting pension data to pension provider as per set frequency

Visit our ‘Making payroll profitable’ for more details about our payroll and auto-enrolment services.

Making digital – making life easier for our customers

The UK accountancy market continues to change and with it the nature of your role. We passionately believe that the future is digital for you and your clients. Which is why we’ve been keeping up with the latest developments around MTD. 

How QXAS can help

We are a Xero certified advisor and are quite adept in the use of Sage, QuickBooks, FreeAgent, IRIS Kashflow and Digita.

With our experience of these software we are more than ready to make life easier for our accounting clients by reducing the time they spend on MTD administration through the use of right technology.

QXAS clients will be way ahead of the curve on all of the changes and we will provide administrative support as MTD goes live, just as we’ve done for compliance updates such as pension auto-enrolment and RTI for PAYE over the last few years. We’re sure that with our support MTD will be pain-free for our clients.

We’ll be launching a MTD resource hub at the end of April with more details around how we can help. To stay in the know, please subscribe to our blog.

QXAS Tracker app

Many of our clients use our simple mobile app, QXAS Tracker, to have instant access to the status of the work we are undertaking for them. Our fantastic app lets them raise queries about jobs, search the dashboard, and filter jobs by job code, name, status and dates we received the jobs.

You can also use the app's simple and easy dashboard to see the progress of jobs through these key stages:

  • Current jobs
  • Completed jobs
  • On-hold jobs

What our clients are saying

  • “Gives me instant summary of current jobs and jobs on hold”
  • “The app keeps me up-to-date all the time ”
  • “It gives me the information that I need without emails”

To download the QXAS Tracker mobile app to look at its functionality, please click here.

Our vision

Each and everything we do is to improve QXAS as a whole. Yes we are chasing profits, but we are also trying to build the very best outsourcing service for our accounting clients.

Our roadmap for this year is incredibly exciting and we will continue to deliver a host of services to help you manage your accounting more efficiently while keeping your clients compliant with legislation. 

We like to make sure we continue to provide cost-effective, secure and reliable outsourcing service to you. If there’s any service or support you think we should provide, or if you have any questions about how we work, please drop us an email on or call 0870 803 1033.

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