CT600 corporation tax return outsourcing services for accountants

By: Vishal   |   28 Jul 2017  |  
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Accountant filing CT600 corporation tax return on software

Up until 31 December 2016, accountants and tax agents were able to use HMRC’s free CT600 software to file corporation tax (CT) returns. That all changed with the withdrawal of the service.

It has been replaced with a new, fully online company tax return and accounts filing service called CATO (Company Accounts & Tax Online). This is in line with HMRC’s digital strategy.  However, CATO is not available to accountants or tax agents and accountants who relied on this software are now faced with the challenge of finding an alternative. 

HMRC’s service was free. Choosing an alternative commercial software package now will be price-sensitive decision, possibly something accountants are finding hard to make. 

There is an alternative solution: outsource the work to someone who already has the software.

QXAS is well-versed in the use of IRIS, TaxCalc, Sage, CCH, Capium, Digita, CT Pro, and any other software of your choice. Right from tax computation in iXBRL format to filing of corporation tax returns we offer a completed CT 600 service cost effectively.  And using QXAS frees you from investment in new software and also of finding the person in your team to undertake the work.

We’ve filed thousands of corporate tax returns on behalf of accountants since 2007 and will provide everything that HMRC’s free software did and more. 

Key benefits using QXAS outsourcing

  • No investment in CT600 software
  • Proven track record in offering CT600 corporation tax return service
  • Guaranteed compliance with HMRC requirements
  • Help and support from our trained and experienced staff
  • iXbrl tagged accounts

For more information on QXAS’ CT 600 tax outsourcing service, call 0870 803 1033 or email contact@qxas.co.uk

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