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When is the right time to outsource your accounting services?

By: Vishal   |   26 Oct 2018  |  
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Time to outsource

In this day in age, many accounting practice owners would have already come across the term outsourcing or know colleagues or other businesses that are now utilising it. However, there comes a point when you have to take the plunge to know for yourself, and as they say “timing is everything”. So if you are considering to outsource your accounting functions you probably want to know, when is the right time?    

Ideally, you really shouldn’t wait if you’re looking for outsourced accounting solutions. However, there are certain indicators you can look out for which will let you know the ideal time to start outsourcing your accounting functions. Below we’ve highlighted the primary indicators:

When you want to scale rapidly

One of the principal limitations when it comes to running an accounting practice is finding qualified staff. This becomes even more prevalent for small to medium sized accounting firms who get busy periodically or are experiencing a growth. There are certain times of the year such as tax season or financial year-end when the work suddenly comes all at once.

Instead of refusing work or getting stressed about how to manage it, look at it as an opportunity to implement outsourcing in your practice. When you outsource you’re ramping up your resources without having to resort to costly hiring. This gives you the flexibility to scale your practice according to the work coming in.   

When you want to keep overhead expenses low

It’s no secret that outsourcing cuts down on your expenses or else why would so many businesses be taking advantage of it. Overhead expenses such as employee salaries, office equipment, training and employee benefit costs are all minimised if not completely eliminated when accountants outsource.  

When you need an expert

When you partner with an outsourcing provider you also tap into their expertise and knowledge. Providers live and breathe accounting and are fully up to date with compliance and regulations in fact, they have to be. So why not utilise their expertise to make your practice more efficient and profitable. 

When you just start your business

By utilising outsourcing in the early stages, it’s possible to bring in cost effective measures, thereby reducing expenses substantially. When it’s done in the early stage it’s much easier to implement and it frees up resources which you’ll definitely need for other tasks.

What tasks can be outsourced?

Now that we’ve established the optimal time to implement outsourced accounting solutions we should also mention what type of tasks can be outsourced. In general, almost any process driven accounting task can be outsourced however we recommend to start with the following:

Once you’re satisfied with the performance of your outsourcing partner you can then consider other tasks such as management accounts and iXBRL tagging.

Establishing outsourcing as a strategic part of your accounting practice lets you tap into a massive talent pool of qualified personnel who can be hired at an economical rate. In fact, most accounting firms that outsource are able to reduce costs by up to 50% by complementing in-house workforce with highly trained offshore professionals.

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