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Three things UK accountants should do now that the tax season is over

05 Feb 2019  |  
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Three things UK accountants should do once the tax season is over

Great job, you survived the tax season rush!

When the tax season finishes it feels like a huge burden has been lifted off your shoulders – it’s a chance to exhale and relax (well until next year at least). You probably wish this moment could last forever, however, you also know that plenty of other tasks are waiting.

Now that this crazy part of the year is over what are you going to do? Well, we have compiled three things that you should remember to do now that the tax season is over.

Take a break

It may seem self-indulgent but we all need it and this is the perfect time to take it. You’ve probably been flat out the last few weeks and your dog probably doesn’t even recognise your face anymore! So what better way to reconnect with yourself and the ones around you then by taking a break.

In fact, clinical psychologist Deborah Mulhern has stated that "neuroscience is showing us that we require down time in order for our bodies to go through the process of restoration. Without time and opportunity to do this, the neural connections that produce feelings of calm and peacefulness become weaker, making it actually more difficult to shift into less-stressed modes."

There are many studies to corroborate the effectiveness of taking a vacation but the only person you need to convince is yourself. So if you’ve had a busy tax season take a few days to improve your work life balance by going somewhere warm where you don’t need to wear shoes and the beverages don’t stop flowing.

Focus on marketing

As the tax accounting season rolls around it tends to take priority over all other aspects of the practice. Many accountants plan a marketing strategy to increase their revenue and client base. However, marketing isn’t the type of activity that will produce the results you want if you leave it unattended for very long. Now that the tax season is over, why not get back to the marketing plan and start executing some of those ideas.

Resourcing your practice to cope with the demands of Making Tax Digital

The end of the tax season provides a brilliant opportunity to see what lies ahead. There is one significant deadline that’s going to drive your accountancy practice over the next 2 months – Making tax Digital for VAT. The deadline has been set to 1 April 2019 by HMRC.

Making Tax Digital is going to create a much greater workload for you as you need to get your practice ready for digital reporting. Finding and recruiting the right experts is going to be hard work and office space is going to be a problem too. Keeping in mind the huge effort required of accountants, you may find yourself asking, “How am I going to cope with the workload while ensuring that my fee-earning staff doesn’t get fatigued?”

Don’t worry. February is the perfect time to consider how you will focus your people resources. QXAS can provide you immediate access to 250+ highly skilled and dedicated bookkeeping staff on-demand. This means you can nail the administrative duties, get your clients ready for MTD without having to recruit or train additional staff.

Having an outsourcing partner also means having access to flexible resources. If your practice requires more resources, you can simply request us to scale them up. This offers greater flexibility in coping with the peaks and troughs prevalent in your practice’s workload, especially in the run up to the MTD deadline. 

Book a free 1-2-1 consultation 

Interested in finding out how we can help you with Making Tax Digital, but not sure where to start? Email us on or call + 44 (0) 845-838-2452 to book your free, 30-minute consultation now. After the call, you will have a clear understanding of QXAS’ three MTD solutions, and how we can support you in providing a stress-free digital transition to your clients.  

To create your transition to Making Tax Digital a smooth one, we have put together these custom letters and emails to send to your clients, a guide to setting up an Agent Services Account, a client segmentation template and a FAQs guide detailing the ins and outs of the regulation.

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