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6CATS powers up its Contractor Umbrella Business with QXAS outsourcing (Video case study)

By: Vishal   |   12 Jul 2018  |  
Tags: Contractor Umbrella

This client case study comes from 6CATS international. They are a leading global brand and supplier of contractor management solutions to the world’s leading recruitment in more than 70 countries across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa as well as further afield. They also provide Umbrella services to a range of Contractors.

There is no better example of what is now possible as a Contractor management company than 6CATS. A company that doesn't have to worry about finding highly-skilled people that are dedicated to the job, as their entire Contractor Umbrella business is built on the possibilities of outsourcing. 

This ranges from dealing with daily Contractor queries, to processing time-sheets, invoices, and making international payments every single day. 

Delivering a stand-out Contractor Umbrella Service

When 6CATS CEO, Michelle Reilly visited the QXAS office in Ahmedabad, India recently we sat down to pick her brain on the business challenges before outsourcing, how she manages her team in India, and the processes she put in place to set things up with QXAS. 

6CATS currently uses 10 members of staff in QXAS to assist with Contractor care, Payroll, Invoicing, Timesheet processing, and email, phone and sales support. 

Check out our video interview with Michelle Reilly below. 

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To find out how QXAS can help your Contractor Umbrella businesses, why not take a free trial of our service? Call Parth Prajapati on +44 0845 838 2452 for a quick non-obligation chat. We can talk you through how QXAS would fit your business needs and provide a step-by-step guide to getting started.



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