How does it work?

We operate 2 simple payroll processing engagement models

Our software
You send us your payroll processing request via email; we process it on our secure server using our software and provide you with reports in your required format.
Your server
You send us your payroll processing request via email; we process it on your server using your software and save the reports there.


We offer 2 pricing models to reflect payroll types

Same salary model
This is appropriate for simple payroll with the same salary details/amount every month.
Variable salary model*
Designed for more complex payroll requirements such as where the client has different types of employees (eg, part time/full time) or pay frequency (eg, weekly/fortnightly) or variable pay amounts.

* We offer a volume-based discount. Request a quote for more details.

For both models, we charge a one-off £10 per company flat set-up charge if we are setting up and running the payroll on our system. The processing model selected has no effect on pricing.

Auto Enrolment package cost :
Initial review stage £20 per client
Registration stage £30 per client up to a maximum of 10 employees
Compliance £0.75 per pay run per employee

To help you evaluate our payroll services risk-free, we are offering a FREE non-obligatory trial.
The trial includes:
Payroll work for 1 company with up to 5 employees for one pay run,
Reports as per your requirements. We usually provide the following reports: payslips, FPS, P30 and P32.

“We find the service offered by QXAS to be so efficient and reliable that we have set up an email inbox on our server for them so that they can directly communicate with our clients for payroll matters. For all intents and purposes, QXAS are the nyc-bmca payroll team.
Nadeem Chundrigar, nyc Business Mentors and Chartered Accountants.