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Getting started with us is simple. We offer three engagement models for our accounts and bookkeeping outsourcing services, and two models for our payroll outsourcing service to reflect the range of client requirements. These are designed with scalability as a core benefit, which means you can ramp up or scale down your teams without resorting to costly hiring
Engagement models
Model description
Engagement scope
Pricing models
Volume based discounts
(Ad-hoc) model
Under this model, you pay only for the number of hours we have worked for you. This model allows you to scale up and scale down your work as per your requirements.
Task based
Pay for as much as you use. Billed at the end of the month.
Ideal for accountancy practices who have seasonal requirements
(Most popular)
Block-of-hours model
This model is similar to the Ad-hoc model but here, you can buy pre-paid blocks of hours (1200, 2400, 3600 annual hours) with an attractive volume-based discount.
Project based
As hours are delivered, they are deducted from the total number purchased. Dedicated team. Billed at the end of the month.
Perfect for accountants with regular and known small to medium volumes of accounting tasks or where the scope of work can’t be clearly defined.
Dedicated resource
(FTE) model
When you choose this model, you get a dedicated team or individual to work exclusively on your project. This model allows you to have direct involvement in the delivery of the project.
Project based
Dedicated team. Billed at the end of the month.
Ideal for accountancy practices that have large volumes of work to outsource, have standardized processes and have a measurable service level requirement.

All plans include

Dedicated Accounts Manager who reports directly to your on-site point of contact
Ability to scale your teams up or down, as per your requirements

256-bit encryption
Reports on a daily, weekly, monthly basis
Same SLAs and KPIs
Unlimited phone and email support

“To cover a staff issue I have taken a full time dedicated accountant from QX, he has now been working with me for 2 months and has proved to be a great asset, I can recommend this solution for medium to long term resource problems.”
Practice owner, Basingstoke

Pricing FAQs

Costing depends on your requirement. We have different pricing models and flexible pricing. From an ad-hoc model to an FTE one, we also work as per block of hours. In fact, most of our clients prefer block of hours. Some large practices we work with have hired full time employees here and they have their dedicated team working from our office reporting directly to them.

We do require signing of a 12 month no obligation contract. you can use our services as you require during the 12 months.

You can give us one accounting or bookkeeping job that is up to 10 hours of work that we will do for FREE, so you can evaluate our service without any commitment. To set up your free trial fill the form at the top of the page.

The preferred method of payment is by wire transfer or by check or PayPal. For any other mode of payment, please contact our sales people who will help you.

Freedom from staffing shortages and team scalability

Average turnaround: 7 working days

Avoid team scalability issues by using outsourcing to augment front-end teams