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Turnaround tax returns in 24-48 hours
Increase net profit by up to 50%
Handle higher volume of work, without hiring staff

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Personal Tax Outsourcing for Accountants
Our staff are experienced in UK taxation with excellent knowledge and understanding of tax documentation and software such as IRIS, TaxCalc, Capium, Sage and CCH. We processed 1000+ tax returns last season. Until 30 December, we are giving a free trial and a 20% discount* on your final PTR bill – take advantage of the offer now!
*To redeem the offer, simply outsource 100 tax returns until the end of the tax season. After 30 December clients will be subject to standard pricing, at rates mentioned in the pricing table below.
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Clear, transparent pricing
Pricing is based upon the number of income streams each tax return has. So for someone who has employment income, and self-employment income, you would pay just £55 for us to process their return!
Income type £ Charge
Minimum charge £ 25
Residential statusPer employment including private pension £ 15
EmploymentPer employment £ 15
Self-employment / Partnership Per self-employment excluding preparation of accounts £ 15
Interest income Unlimited £ 25
Dividend incomeUnlimited £ 25
Filing online £ 15
Foreign incomeInterest, dividend and pension £ 35
Property schedule Per property including foreign property £ 35
Tax relief schedule Gift aid, pension contribution etc £ 25
OtherPer task e.g. CGT, other income and expenses £ 25
*Preparation of self-employment and partnership accounts will be charged on an hourly rate
How it works
Using our tax outsourcing services is easy. We offer a simple five step processes.
1You allow us to remotely login to your system using secure software
2We record the data and process the tax returns
3You review the tax return for completeness, and provide feedback
4We implement the changes, and notify when the tax return is ready for inspection
5You confirm. We provide a final pdf report of tax return
Key service features
Primary documentation never leaves your premises
We can undertake scanning for you in our UK office
We can file tax returns to HMRC on behalf of your client
We can process tax returns on our software, if you don’t have one in-house
QXAS is ISO 27001 certified for security
Some of the software we use:
Need more convincing?
Check out the testimonials below.
Steve Blissett, Rodliffe Accounting
“QXAS helps us to grow our practice year-on-year by enabling us to handle a higher volume of personal tax return work, without hiring more staff during the busy tax season. It’s a perfect way to quickly scale our practice and deliver a great service to our clients."
2 Partner firm, Southampton
“During the self-assessment tax season, we were working 15 to 16 hours a day but with QXAS’ quick turnaround of under 48 hours, not only do we save a considerable amount of money but also breeze through the rush.”
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The benefits of outsourcing
Increase net profit Increase your net profit by up to 50%, while still maintaining your own in-house high standards of quality.
Faster turnaround We can turnaround a tax return in 24-48 hours, helping you manage the workloads, tight deadlines and the extra-long hours.
Relieve tax season stress Don’t overstretch yourself or your team. Manage the workloads, tight deadlines and the extra-long hours.