The coronavirus pandemic has been an epic test of character and determination for millions of people around the world. But how are organisations around the world responding to the Covid-19 crisis? What are the key areas of focus during these challenging times for leaders? Do we need newer skills to overcome current challenges?

In this webinar, QX and ACCA join hands to answer the hot questions on how leaders in accounting can lead their firms into the new normal and the upcoming trends in accounting during these post-pandemic times.

Here are some major takeaways

Learning Leadership Skills in Digital Accountancy
Learning about steering employees and organization culture in the new normal
Action points to lead accounting firms remotely
Learn about upcoming trends in accounting

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About Speakers

Chris Robinson,

Founder & Chairman, QX Global Group

Chris is the founder and Chairman of QX Ltd, India's first GDPR Compliant Outsourcing Firm. He came to India in 2002 and fell in love with the culture and the highly qualified and talented workforce. 17 years later, Chris' 5-member startup has now flourished into an outsourcing empire with 1,300+ members in his 'QX Family.' Chris is widely regarded as pioneer in accounting and recruitment outsourcing, and global entrepreneurship with his business now being geographically scatterred across UK, USA and India. An accountant by profession, Chris often advises that "change is the only constant."

Mohammed Sajid Khan,

Head of International Development, ACCA Global

Mohammed Sajid Khan is Head of International Development at ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants). His current role builds on over a decade of experience working for ACCA, where he has gained considerable experience in projects that develop and sustain the accountancy profession, working with partners and other stakeholders to meet the demand for professional accountants across growing economies.

Presently, Sajid’s primary focus is on leading the professional body’s strategy in India so that ACCA can make a substantive contribution to the rapid development of the Indian economy.