The QXAS outsourcing process

Getting your financial data to us is easy. Right from working papers, to bank statements, to credit card records, to receipts, we’ve made the process painless. Watch this short video to find out how the process works.

How it works

Working remotely
Using secure virtual technology like VPN/RDP/Citrix/GoTomyPC, our team in India log into your system and complete the work.
Working in the cloud
This simply requires you to provide your India team the login details. If you still have working papers or any other supporting documents to pass on to your staff in India, use our secure FTP portal.
Working on our secure server
All documents are scanned into our secure FTP portal, collected and worked on by our team in India, and delivered on time back to the portal.

We follow a simple five step process whether working remotely or on your server

1You allows us to remotely login to your system using secure software or you scan and upload documents to our FTP server 
2We record the data and star working on the job
3Once done, you review the job for completeness, and provide feedback
4We implement the changes, and notify when the job is ready for your review
5Once you confirm, we provide a final pdf report of the completed job


If you would like us to do the scanning for you simply ask us to schedule a pick-up for delivery at our Skipton office. We will do the scanning and upload the documents so we can start working on them.

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