Live feed: As it happens, not after it happened
Get live updates on your jobs getting processed while you’re on-the-go. A new and faster way of staying on top of all the latest developments as they unfold using the Client Portal and its mobile counterpart, the QX Tracker App.

Help is just one text away
Find answers quickly by raising queries with our support agents right from the client portal on your PC or from the QX tracker app on phone.

Powerful analytics to forecast for better
Weigh decision based on data from across your outsourced work: from monthly job summary, job turnaround time and a detail margin report. Interactive dashboards provide in-depth impact analysis of every potential outsourced project.

Create jobs on-the-go
Assign new tasks to your India team with just a few clicks. Choose the type of assignment and fill out the standard checklist on the app – your job will be uploaded, processed and done, before you know it.

Measure productivity against cost
Explore all the interactive data on your spending, billing and requested turnaround time against the number of hours spent and your marginal profits will help you determine the outcomes of your outsourced jobs and find certainty in future outsourcing decisions.

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