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Engagement models
Getting started with us is simple. We offer three engagement models for our accountancy and two models for our payroll outsourcing service to reflect the range of client requirements. These are designed with scalability as a core benefit, which means you can ramp up or scale down your teams without resorting to costly hiring.

If you don’t know which model is best for your business, let us advise you.

Accounts and bookkeeping

Dedicated resource (FTE) model
What is it?
Under this model, staff work exclusively for your accounting firm. This model offers greater control as you help plan and manage the work for each FTE while we track and report the status of each outsourced job. You also get a dedicated accounts manager who reports directly to your on-site point of contact. Fixed fees are agreed in advance, allowing you to manage your budget without the fear of cost escalations.
To make sure that your off-site staff is utilised most effectively we recommend our accounting clients plan the portfolio of work before they outsource.

What are the features?
Fixed monthly fees – manage budget without fear of cost escalations
Buffer staff to fill in gaps when an employee leaves, takes holiday etc.
Quicker turnaround time – similar to completing jobs on-site
Trained accountants work exclusively for your firm – leads to consistent service and good employee morale
More economical than hourly rates if you have high volumes of work
Unlimited phone and email support
No hiring or training hassles - we help screen, select, recruit and train accountants for your firm
Scalable – easily ramp up resources without resorting to costly hiring
Ideal for accountancy firms that have large volumes of work to outsource, have standardized processes and have a measurable service level requirement.

Ad hoc / Pay as you go model
What is it?
Under this model, actual usage is metered and you pay only for as much capacity as you use. We invoice you at the end of the month and only charge you for the hours you’ve used. This model is similar to the FTE model in the sense that you get skilled dedicated staff working exclusively on your tasks except only for a pre-defined period. There is no volume discount available on this model.
What are the features?
Accountants work exclusively for your project albeit only for a pre-defined period
Same SLAs as our dedicated FTE support
No hiring hassles
Faster turnaround time due to +5.5 hour time difference between UK and India
No ongoing commitments
Easily quantifiable services like accounts production, tax and bookkeeping are best outsourced under this model. Some of our clients prefer this approach when they start out, but as their practice grows they generally move to the Dedicated Resource model.

Block-of hours
What is it?
Similar to the Ad-hoc model, except this allows you to buy pre-paid blocks-of-hours (10, 20, 50, and 100) with an attractive volume-based discount. As hours are delivered, they are deducted from the total number purchased.
What are the features?
Faster turnaround time due to +5.5 hour time difference between UK and India
Your accounts produced by trained accountants
Dedicated accounts manager
Pre-purchase to obtain a discounted hourly rate
Larger block of hours receive larger discounts
Unlimited phone and email support
Perfect for accountants with regular and known small to medium volumes of accounting tasks or where the scope of work can’t be clearly defined.

Payroll processing

We operate 2 simple payroll processing engagement models
Our software
You send us your payroll processing request via email; we process it on our secure server using our software and provide you with reports in your required format.
Your server
You send us your payroll processing request via email; we process it on your server using your software and save the reports there.
Pricing: We offer 2 pricing models to reflect payroll types
Same salary model
This is appropriate for simple payroll with the same salary details/amount every month.
Variable salary model
Designed for more complex payroll requirements such as where the client has different types of employee (eg, part time/full time) or pay frequency (eg, weekly/fortnightly) or variable pay amounts.

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