Accountants who work with QXAS improve their firm’s profitability by 33% Why don’t you?

Imagine a world where you had more time to focus on things that mattered – even during the tax season. When you have an outsourced team to share your workload with, you have more time to take on more clients, save up on hiring extra staff and prevent a staff burnout – all the while maintaining a healthy work-life balance for you and your peers.

Let QXAS take the pain out of your practice and give you a stress-free tax season and some advice to help you leverage you tax season as the perfect time to grow your firm.

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What you get with QXAS

Improve profitability
Realise significant cost savings and boost profit margins by 50% on each tax return.

Faster turnaround
Benefit from receiving prepared tax returns within 24-48 hours, helping you provide a world-class service to clients.

Scalable teams
Alleviate tax season capacity crunch by outsourcing tax returns as they come in, and handle a higher volume of tax returns.

We collaborate with the world’s best

We are technology agnostic which means we can work with any software you use.

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