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The guidance centre hopes to offer you helpful insight into how QXAS became the first accounts outsourcing company in India to be GDPR compliant via the BS10012:2017 framework, which is the only available code of conduct which aligns with the principles of GDPR.
Our delivery centers were certified GDPR compliance by the British Standards Institution (BSI) on 26 April 2018, exactly a month before the 25 May 2018 deadline.

How we got ready for GDPR

Data security has always been of paramount importance to us, but GDPR makes the security and privacy aspects even more important. Businesses, both data controllers as well as data processers, need to meet a whole list of requirements to demonstrate GDPR compliance. They have to commit to enhancing their data inventory and mapping processes, revising written data processing agreements (DPAs), appointing a data protection officer (DPO), and putting a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) policy in place.

To become GDPR compliant, we implemented the following features:

Appointment of a DPO
We appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO) and formed a cross-functional team of data protection specialists to analyse and address the new requirements of GDPR. Among other tasks, this team helps with transparency, Privacy by Design, and conducting Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs).
Data protection agreements
As required by the BS 10012: 2017 framework, we now offer all our accounting clients with a Data Protection Agreements (DPA) with GDPR clauses as a standard. This enables QX and its clients to comply with GDPR requirements. All our revised written contracts are based on the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) guidelines, which include these terms:
  • We have adequate levels of data protection controls in place for the transfer and processing of data
  • We only process personal data on documented instructions from our clients
  • We have a process which anonymises and encrypts data
  • We securely delete data after the required retention period /at the end of the contract
  • We submit to independent, third-party audit and inspections, and work with our clients to ensure we are both meeting Article 28 obligations
Accountability principles
While we already use state-of-the-art servers in Europe for the storage of data, we implemented additional security controls to ensure we as data controllers meet the ‘accountability principles’ under the GDPR requirements.
Breach response plan
We set up an official 72-hour, breach response plan that adheres with GDPR, and have an internal audit program for all processes to ensure QX is always in compliance with the rules set forth by the regulation.
Awareness workshops
We conducted numerous awareness workshops so all employees know how to handle personal data here at QX. All senior level staff has now undergone training to ensure they maintain a DPIA at the early stages of any project that involves personal data. We have also conducted awareness training at our Board level to ensure our leadership teams are well aware of QX’s obligations under GDPR.
"At this stage where most of the companies have just started their GDPR journey, such a mature and well drafted framework at QX is a proof of how ahead you are in the game. We had a difficult time finding a flaw in your system. The level of competency of people, the detailing of documentation and the involvement of people is commendable. It was a learning experience for us too and we wish you all the best for the future”
British Standards Institution
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Disclaimer: This site is intended to provide helpful guidance to customers on the GDPR and not as a comprehensive solution or legal advice. Each organisation should undertake their own steps to ensure compliance.