When Hiring Begins to Hurt…

With ever-changing furlough schemes, expenses on employee contributions and an impending IR35 – there’s a lot of payroll work for umbrella businesses. However, hiring for payroll has begun to turn into a resource intensive, expensive, large and complex ordeal?

QXAS has specialised in payroll for 12 years to deliver a first-class payroll outsourcing service. Umbrella businesses can hire a full-time offshore team member to can deliver a fully managed RTI-compliant payroll service that brings you peace of mind and profits.

100% compliance

We provide 100% compliance with RTI & Auto-enrolment regulations.

24 hour turnaround

We have designed the process to make sure we give them within 24 hours.

99.99% Accurate & timely

Give your clients the best payroll experience time after time.

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How We Bring You Peace of Mind

QXAS Payroll outsourcing services

Calculating & Managing your Furlough Claims
Take your financial reporting to the next level
RTI submission
Year-end service
P11d production & CIS processing
QXAS Auto-enrolment outsourcing services
Managing your payroll inbox
Deemed Payroll (IR35)

Plans to Suit Your Umbrella Business’ Needs

We offer customer pricing based on your requirements and overall size, scale and scope of your payroll work. Our tailor-made pricing is built keeping in mind that your outsourcing plan generates more profitability for your Umbrella Business.

*We offer volume-based discounts

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How Outsourcing Payroll to QXAS works

We operate two simple payroll processing models:


You send us your payroll processing request via email


We process it on our software


We provide you with reports in your required format through our secure FTP server


You send us your payroll processing request via email


We process it on your server using your software


We save the reports there

We Use the Software You Use

We are software agnostic which means we will use the same software as your Umbrella Business. If you don’t already use one, we will be happy to pick one out for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We work with all major payroll software systems. Our technology expertise and staff training facilities allow us to adopt new technologies and deliver with the new software within very short time frames. Some of the major software packages we use include: Sage, IRIS, Xero, BrightPay, ClearBooks, FreeAgent and Moneysoft. However, we are technology agnostic and have the capability to support the existing accounting software used by our clients.

There are two ways to go about it :

  • We process the payroll on your server
    • You send us your payroll processing request via emai
    • We process it on your server using your software
    • We save the reports there


  • We process the payroll on the QXAS Server
    • You send us your payroll processing request via email
    • We process it on our server
    • We share the reports through our secure FTP server

Yes, we can communicate the end-client (a payroll bureau's clients) using outlook. We usually set up an account in our outlook under your domain name (payroll bureau's email domain) to respond to clients as your team members would do.

Yes, we use the same outlook email id to send out the payslips to employees and we can also send out payslips directly to your clients’ employees using the payroll software.

Yes, we do process pension. QXAS is fully trained on the auto enrolment process and can therefore help you with your pension processing requirements. We are not an IFA so cannot provide advice on which pension provider to choose, but we can set up your clients’ employees with their chosen pension provider and manage the ongoing pension deductions.

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