If you are struggling with client payrolls or finding you are losing business because you do not offer payroll services, QX Accounting Services could have just the answer.
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We'll do payroll for your clients

By outsourcing, you can add payroll to your list of services, without having to go through the extensive training, purchase of expensive software and hours spent fulfilling it. We work behind-the-scenes in your practice, allowing you to offer a fantastic additional service to your clients and prospects, with no risk.

Benefits of outsourcing

Earn extra revenue with our discreet, no hassle, payroll outsourcing service
Free your staff and resources for more pro-active and potentially more lucrative work
Build deeper relationships with your clients by offering value adding services
Zero hardware and
software cost
Get a dedicated payroll specialist at zero staffing costs – no supervison, holiday or sickness cover
Remove the hassle and pressure by passing the responsibility of auto enrolment and RTI over to us

Service features

RTI-compliant payroll service
Processing and managing your payroll data
All legislation adhered to
Liaison with HMRC, pensions providers and local authorities
Secure and quality service - meets recognised ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 27001 standards
No need for payroll software training
Absolute focus on accuracy and timeliness

Our services


Weekly/fortnightly/monthly payroll
RTI submission
Year-end service
P11d production
CIS processing
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Employer staging dates
Employee eligibility checks
Employee AE communications based on their eligibility
Choosing sophisticated payroll and AE software
On-going monitoring, opt-outs and refunds
Customer support
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Software we can use

What profitable payroll feels like?

“We find the service offered by QXAS to be so efficient and reliable that we have set up an email inbox on our server for them so that they can directly communicate with our clients for payroll matters. For all intents and purposes, QXAS are the nyc-bmca payroll team. Nothing is too much trouble for them. I am very impressed with their processes, the accuracy of the payroll work provided, and the turnaround time, and most importantly, our clients are very happy too. The quality of support from Mitul, together with his friendliness and willingness to go the extra mile cannot be praised highly enough.”
Nadeem Chundrigar, nyc Business Mentors and Chartered Accountants.
Our client is a London based accountancy practice, nyc Business Mentors and Chartered Accountants. They currently provide payroll to around 15 clients operating across different sectors and runs a payroll for 50+ employees each month.
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How QXAS works for you

We operate two simple payroll processing models:

QXAS Server

You send us your payroll processing request via email

We process it on our software

We provide you with reports in your required format through our secure FTP server

Client Server

You send us your payroll processing request via email

We process it on your server using your software

We save the reports there

Our turnaround time is a guaranteed 24-hours. This is crucial because payroll is timely and we have designed the process to ensure we can process it in 24-hours.

Avoid the payroll headaches

Talk to one of our team today and find out how QXAS can help your practice make payroll a profitable service.
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